Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chapter 4: The "Big" Run

Hi guys!

Guess what, another week on... and I STILL don't know what I'm doing?! Jokes. Just want to say a massive thanks to all of you who responded to my blog last week. It was so interesting to hear about peoples dream jobs and big hopes for the future and I have every faith that you will all be "living the dream" :). Hope you have all had a productive week and you have done something you never thought you would... That's what they say, you should do something once a day that scares you. F**k that, I can barely do something once a week that scares me! But this week I have... Yes folks, I have entered Race For Life. It's been something my sister and I have said we would do for a while and this week I did it. I entered myself and Esther to run in Redditch on the 16th June. We are doing it with our good friend Louisa and although I know I will probably be crawling to the finish line, I am determined to do this for Mammy. It's a great cause and if any of you can donate a little something, please go to our sponsor page and it will be greatly appreciated :).

On a serious note though, I am NOT a good runner. I don't last very long and my only explanation for this is the fact I am not a good breather. Loads of people I talk to say, "you will be better if you do it more". I went through a whole three months of exercising before my sister's wedding and the most I could do was run around the circular garden in the park! Another excuse would be, well, any excuse! If there's a bit of bird shit on the floor outside my house I'll be like, "Oh no, I can't run. There's bird shit on the floor outside..." Truth is, even though I don't last very long, it's the only exercise that suits me. I can't dance because I have NO co-ordination. So if anyone mentions the word, "Zumba" to me, I block it out. The whole, "Oh come on! You get to dance AND it's fun." I'm sorry, the only thing that is fun about that is that everyone gets to watch how shit I am at dancing. God forbid ANYONE that has to see it. The most I can do is the Chandler dance which consists of this:
I can't play tennis or badminton because any time I go to serve, it drops on the floor. Plus hearing other people making sex noises is extremely off putting; why do they have to do it?! However I do enjoy swimming. The only thing I don't enjoy is the walk TO the pool. Figure. Erect nipples. Pale skin. THAT IS ALL!

However, I am going to try so hard to get better at running. I have even downloaded the Nike+ running app on my phone (not that that means shit, but I guess it shows I have good intention). This daunts me slightly because then I will get to see how truly rubbish I am. "Patricia, you have ran 0.1K in 10 minutes". Cheers Nike. However, I have one person keeping me going and I know this is the best motivation. If my Mammy can go through what she has gone through in the past 7 months, I think I can run a poxy 5K. I don't know if you have seen the new Race For Life advert, but it is definitely the best one yet and this also spurs me on. The t-shirts for this year are fantastic as well and I can't wait to get ours printed with Mammy's face on the back courtesy of my friend, Peter Luong. He has recently set up a new business called 'Visionary Heroes' and his products are fantastic. If you are interested in having any printing done, please like his page on Facebook and contact him via there.

So let me know what tips any of you have about keeping up endurance during running, if any of you are avid runners. I'd also LOVE to hear about any embarrassing stories you have about exercises you want to avoid because of bad experiences or any other obstacles you have faced, e.g. seeing a hot tub on the way to the cross trainer. Same drill as last week, just tweet, Facebook or reply to this blog via Google.

Anyone wanna hear my running song? Billy Elliot, eat your heart out!

'Til next week peeps.

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