Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Chapter 17: What's in a Name?

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Even if it's just for one day? This could be a movie star, a singer, ANYONE! In my previous blog I spoke about how I have put a different accent on on a night out, just for the craic! What?... It's funny! But I know some people who have changed their names on a night out... I know some of my single girls have done this on a night out. My Dad and Brother-in-Law did it on the way in to the E.T ride in Universal Studios. I don't know if you're familiar, but when you go on the E.T ride you say your name before you go on. When my Dad was asked his name he replied, "Fraser", his name is NOT Fraser. When my Brother-in-Law was asked he replied, "Bart". Again, his name is NOT Bart. it was very funny looking back when E.T shouted, "Bye Fraser, bye Bart!", poor E.T didn't know any better!

It's funny when you look up to stars and think, I would love to be them for a day. People like The Rock (real name, Dwayne Johnson) and Dita Von Teese (real name, Heather Renee Sweet) . But the ironic thing is, they obviously feel the same, cause they don't like/want to use their real names in show business?! Here are a few examples.

Rooney Mara. Real name: Patricia Rooney Mara.
Brad Pitt. Real name: William Bradley Pitt

Vin Diesel. Real name: Mark Sinclair Vincent
Jude Law. Real name: David Jude Law

    Pink. Real name: Alecia Beth Moore
Marilyn Manson. Real name: Brian Hugh Warner

So you see, we're not the only ones who wish we were someone or something else. Yes, most of the above examples are stage names, but why have a few of them cut their first names out? To get more work? Because they don't like their first names? Because they want to convey the glamourous world they live in? But isn't it better to show off the real you? I'm sure we have all had a think about how our names would sound if we were famous... 
"And now... The moment you've alllll been waiting for... It's the one, the only, PATRICIAAAA BAXTERRRR!" No? Just me? You're right it does sound shit. I've often thought I would take my middle name, Elise, as my stage name if I ever was famous. I have a thing about my name though. I often think Patricia is only found in three categories:
1. In the credits on a film, e.g. Lighting Manager, Patricia Jones - just look for it, Patricia WILL be there.
2. An author of a book. Zzzzzzzzzz.
3. The name of an elderly person. I'm not ageist, but it is an older woman's name.
So I get slightly upset when I see the likes of Rooney Mara has dropped her real name, Patricia. Yeah Rooney is cool, but why not Patricia? One person I am REALLY pleased has kept her real name is Patricia Arquette because let's face it, she is class!

I think it's perfectly naturally to want to be someone you're not. The reason why I want to get back in to acting is because I love to do so. Because you need something different in your life, whether it be being apart of a band, going to a martial arts class or even going to the cinema and watching the story of something else, or even reading a book and being so enthralled by it that you actual feel like you are one of the characters. I can't be alone in thinking this. So, you know the drill - I'd love to know if you feel the same, just Facebook, Tweet or reply on here as usual.

Myself and my boyfriend went to  Hoar Cross Hall the other week and it was amazing! I must say, it was nice to feel important or similar to that of a celebrity who lunches, wines and dines and relaxes in the spa ;).

One things for sure, being "someone else" didn't work for these guys...

Toodles Peeps!

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