Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chapter 21: Confessions of an Internet Shopaholic

It's no news to any of you that know me, that I have a slight obsession with shopping. Internet shopping to be precise. Why? Because of all the freaking discounts people?! My sister is forever saying to me, "You have a serious problem..." this is of course when she notices three or so parcels in my bedroom. But little does she know that all of those items would amount to ONE thing she would buy out on the high street. Which begs the question, why isn't EVERYONE internet shopping?

My boyfriend's little brother loves to shop and he has a very keen eye for fashion. I told him about all of the bargains I bought on eBay last year and he said, "I dunno... I like to try stuff on in the shop." I said, "Fair enough. But most places are free return?" He said, "I just love the feel of handling money." Like I say, everyone is different! But it goes to show everyone has their own preferences when it comes to shopping. Some people like to buy their groceries online whilst it's easier for others to just pop down the road and get a carton of milk.

Around this time two years ago, I was unemployed and it is around this time of the year I would stress quite a lot about birthday's and of course Christmas presents.  My Dad and both of my Sisters have birthdays right before Christmas and with so much time on my hands, the only thing for me to do was browse the internet for jobs and of course, presents for my family. Now weirdly enough, I had no problems buying presents for their birthdays (or for Christmas for that matter). With so little money to live on, I think I had bought the best presents for them in my life to date, so I was quite proud of myself! However, the first outing I was invited to was my Sister's 26th birthday.She planned on going to the German Christmas Markets, followed by drinks at a pub nearby. Needless to say I was in a pickle about what to wear with so little money. Having a job in the town centre before and for a company that provided great discount (Ii stress the ONLY perk of the job), I had no trouble buying clothes before, so this was a REAL challenge. Now, I'd had an eBay account for years but never really discovered how fucking A-MAZING it was until I was jobless. I looked on the clothing outlet which has a variety of different brands, form Topshop to Karen Millen. I thought, cold evening, need to wear something nice but obviously something to keep me warm, so I opted for a playsuit with tights and heeled boots and you know how much the playsuit cost me? £2. TWO FRICKIN' POUNDS! Now THAT is what I call a bargain. Not only that, but the playsuit was still available to buy on Very for the full price of £49. What's that I hear you say? I am the shit at grabbing a bargain? Yeah I know, it's a gift, what can I say? I also purchased a faux fur coat, ex Topshop. Original price of £100, eBay price of £25. Only worn once, no faults. God I'm good...

However, if you asked me to grab a bargain on the High Street, I'd have to kindly (refuse like a child in your face) decline. I couldn't think of anything worse then traipsing around the town and going into the shops on Boxing day. For those who do do this, you must be an amazing bargain hunter, or just plain frickin' mad. Maybe this is because I worked in retail for so long in the likes of Next and New Look and the sheer thought of Sale prep still haunts me to this day. Maybe it's because I'm fully aware of how stock is handled and I'm OCD. Or maybe it's because I REALLY don't want to find something I like, try desperately to find my size and see some douche bag in front of me walking around with the dress I wanted because she was there 5 seconds before me. All I know is, internet shopping is REALLY the way forward. Free delivery and returns on most sites, discount vouchers and codes on a weekly basis and avoiding shit customer service? I think that's a good deal if you ask me...

And yeah yeah... I know what all you women are thinking, "But I want to try the clothes on" or "The sizes are never right." Read above ladies, free returns on most sites! Save your legs and avoid the bitchiness, messiness and tiredness that comes with hunting a bargain.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chapter 20: Excelsior...

Excelsior. I've  heard the word before, but it wasn't until yesterday I knew what it meant when I watched, Silver Linings Playbook. Anyone know what it means? It is New York's motto meaning, "Onward" and "Upwards". I instantly loved it...
Bradley Cooper's character is all over the place. He suffers from bipolar depression and has to adjust to the transition of life outside of the institution he was in for 8 months. One of his coping mechanisms was repeatedly saying the word, "excelsior, excelsior." To which his father asks why he keeps saying this word? Bradley Cooper's character, Pat explains:
"It means, you know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna take all this negativity and I'm gonna use it as fuel, I'm gonna find a silver lining, that's what I'm gonna do. And that's no bullshit. That's no bullshit. That takes work and that's the truth."
Since hearing this word I have been inspired to do the same thing as Pat's character. Saying this word before even taking action on it fills me with positivity just because of the way Pat was so enthusiastic about the word in the film.

As you all have read previously, I love my films and I can be very influenced and touched in many ways by what I see. Whether this be a character, the actor, or the script itself... another character in this film is Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence. She also plays a troubled woman who lost her husband and dealt with her grievance by sleeping with people.The both become friends and learn to accept their flaws along the way. For me were both unique in their own ways, but Cooper's character stood out the most to me. He had to go to an institute because he caught his wife sleeping with another man and almost beat the guy up to death (sorry if I have ruined this for anyone who planned on watching it). But, is this not a normal reaction? If you caught you partner sleeping around with someone else, would you not react irrationally? Call me a softy, but I think it was a bit far fetched sending him to an institute for a reaction most people would have in that situation. Am I right?

Anyway, when he gets out he goes to all lengths to better himself so he can repair his relationship with his wife. He loses weight, eats healthily, tries to stay positive and takes an interest in all of her work. He goes to all this trouble to change himself and take all negatives and make them positive. Sure he struggles a lot of the time but he tries.

Now, everyone has a bad day, or a bad time in their lives. This may last a day, this may last a year, this may seem to last forever. But only we can do something about the way we feel. Only we can adjust who we are to be the people we want to be. Pat wanted to get back together with his wife (I won't tell you that part, don't worry ;)) so he worked on doing that and the one thing that kept him going was what people? EXCELSIOR!

To be positive, you have to surround yourself with positive things. This may be your family, your partner or a word - it's all the above for me personally. But I know what word I will say to remind myself of this and I don't think I need to finish that sentence for you to know :).

Here's a little teaser of the movie to give you a feel for what it's like:

I'd highly recommend you watch it because it's worth it!
I shall talk to you again next Tuesday peeps and this time I promise :).
And remember, excelsior!


Chapter 19: Póg Mo Thón

You guys must think I'm absolutely atrocious lately because I keep missing my blogs! Really sorry peeps, but I was on holiday last week and I treated my boyfriend to a few days away in Dublin for his birthday! It was so much fun! Got it for a good price as well, so I would highly recommend anyone to take a break there. There's so much to do! Unfortunately we had little time to do them in, but we fit in the most important places: the Guinness Factory, the Jameson's Distillery and the Wax Museum. As most of you know, all of my family are Irish, so it was nice to learn a bit of history about the men who made the most well known alcoholic beverages in the world! What? I'm Irish? I like alcohol! Not only that but it was fascinating to know some of the most famous people in the world have been there to experience the history as well. Here are a few to name:

Ron Bur... I mean, Will Ferrell
Sean Penn

These cool dudes, Sean Astin and Elijah Wood

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko

        And the legend that is HURLEY FROM LOST!

Yes, I was just as star struck as you are now... I mean, it's Hurley!! Bloody love that dude... after seeing these I was really interested in seeing what Guinness was like and for a first time drinker of the beer, I loved it! The same when I tried Jameson's, I am a new found whiskey drinker. But like I said, I'm Irish! ;).

One thing I really didn't appreciate was an incident myself and my boyfriend came across whilst getting change for the bus from my purse. Now, my mother did warn me before I went that there were a lot of pick pocketers in Dublin and to be very wary of my belongings. So we were and this is what happened when I got my purse out.

Beggar: You have any change?
Luke: No.
Beggar: I just need some change! (looks to me for sympathy).
Me: (sighs)
Luke: No, we are using it for the bus

I was mortified to say the least - Luke and I were just told off in the middle of Dublin, by a tramp! (Please excuse my politically incorrect language). Most of you will be wondering what Póg Mo Thón means. Well it means, kiss my arse! Which I feel was very fitting for that dude who demanded we, "get on the fuckin' bus!"

Although my last blog was about "motivation" I can't say I had much of this on my week off. I  was motivated to eat and drink and you know what? I bloody loved it! It's important to indulge every now and then, especially on your holidays! Speaking of holidays, just want to say I hope all you teachers out there enjoyed your 6 weeks off and are raring to go back to school! Although I am jealous you all get this time off, I can empathise with all of the stress you are under when you return to work as both of my sisters are teachers and put a lot of time and effort into making their lessons perfect for the children. So good luck for your new year and it won't be long until your next holibobs :).

Meanwhile, here's a little clip of something I'm sure most of you have watched before. God rest Father Ted...

Tune in for my next blog!