Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chapter 23: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

I'm not even going to finish the title of this blog, because you all know what the last word is. That's right people, I'm a Scrooge.  I have NEVER agreed with the talks of Christmas in the month of November. November is November. It AIN'T the month of Christmas. I actually went to Tesco in August and seen a whole aisle dedicated to Christmas - I could have found the manager and throttled them. I also can't stand logging onto Facebook and seeing people have bought a wrapped their Christmas presents... on the 1st of November! What the actual fuck?!

I'm not a Christmas person for my own reasons, but when I was a Christmas person and I still think this to the day, people seem to have lost the meaning of it. Don't get me wrong, I like to open presents as much as the next guy, but of course that isn't what it's about. Just like Easter isn't about eating shed loads of chocolate (although I do especially love doing that).

However, I did go to the German Christmas markets tonight and it did get me feeling festive... I of course had an Amaretto Hot Chocolate #yum. I went with my Sister's, Niece and my Aunt Elise and it was lovely. For me I love it so much, because I know it's a place that my Mammy loved. She would always say, "It's the biggest German Christmas Market in all of Europe, ya know..." She loved all the little trinkets and the fact that everything was hand made as she was quite the craftswoman herself. She could do anything! From making dresses, to doing the garden and making curtains to knitting cardigans. If I could learn half the stuff she knew, I'd be on my way! So talented and appreciated everything and everyone around her that showed their best self. She never realised how talented she was herself and just thought of all the things she could do as second nature, something she's always known, and you know what? She was just amazing xxx.

Christmas is about being with your family and friends and being truly happy with everything you have around you; not forgetting it's about the birth of Jesus Christ as well. It's not about how much we spend on one another and rushing around at the last minute to find something we THINK that person can't go without. As I quoted on last week's blog, time is precious and we have to spend it wisely. So although I think it is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous to be celebrating Christmas so early, make sure you don't forget what the meaning of it is and if it just so happens you need to get a present, do it Christmas Eve - THAT'S when the sale starts - NOT BOXING DAY!

Toodle pips peoples.


P.S. EVERYONE says their favourite Christmas movie is "Home Alone". My personal favourite is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". Enjoy this wee clip:

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