Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chapter 33: The Proposal

I think you can all guess what I'm going to write about this week judging by the title - wedding proposals! I am happy to announce that my sister got engaged last Friday on Valentines day in the city of lurrrrre (Paris if you didn't guess). Could there be a more perfect engagement? I knew that my future brother-in-law was going to propose way back in November and I'm not going to lie, it was the biggest kept secret I've ever had! But it was worth the wait. Of course I would have never told my sister, but keeping it from the rest of my family was very hard. If anyone knows how rubbish I am at keeping secrets, it's Mammy. I spoke to my Mammy about absolutely everything and still do to be honest. It was almost like she gave me the strength to hold it in because in the long run, it would be worth it to see the joy on everyone's faces. I just want to take the time to congratulate Esther & Adam on their engagement! They're an amazing couple and are perfect for each other! I wish them all the happiness in the world for their future :) <3 xxx.

Ladies, I don't know about yourselves or whether you have ever been in this situation, but have you ever booked a holiday with a partner and all of your friends go, "Oooh, you think he'll pop the question???" To which you are like, "Errr, I dunno? Maybe? Maybe not?" THEN you can't help but think after, "Oh my gosh, will he or won't he?" And when he doesn't you're disappointed to shit. Please note... this has NEVER happened to me, but I have known it happen to others. Couples have been together for years, friends or family plant ideas in their heads that MAYBE it will happen when you go away or at a big event and then it doesn't happen. You know what I blame? Movies. Like EVERY single fecking romantic film out there. Women watch these no matter if they are single, in a relationship and dragging their partner to the cinema to see it, feeling happy, bitter towards an ex or just simply hopeful that this will actually happen in real life. Unfortunately, most people think these story lines ACTUALLY happen. I'm just going to tell you all now... THEY DON'T (I'm sorry). The truth of the matter is (and as cheesy as this is going to sound), we all make our own love stories... altogether now! "AHHHHH!"

Any couple you ask about 'how they met?' is going to sound nice to everyone else. Fact. It can be anything. It could be something like, "Well! He used to tease me in school and then he asked me out on a night out and we just hit it off!" - AHHHHH! "Well we met through a mutual friend, we then became best friends and discovered we loved each other!" -  AHHHHH! "He threw a pile of dog shit on me and then felt bad and cleaned it off me!" - AHHHHH! (Last one is a joke and not based on true events).

The best example of this can be taken from the classic Romantic Comedy, When Harry Met Sally (1989). Now, I know I blame women's perfect notions of love on romantic films, but this has to be the best romantic story line ever. Romeo & Juliet have nothing on Harry & Sally - nothing! This is the story of two people who meet unwillingly when Sally has to drop her best friends boyfriend, Harry, home after the end of College. Sally discovers Harry is NOT her type of man on the very LONG car journey home and when they part ways, it's not forever. They then meet unexpectedly years later when they both move to New York. Both having multiple partners over the years they then discover that they are in fact in love with each other. They are quite the opposites though; Sally is a strong woman, who isn't particularly confident in herself, but is sure of what she wants - even down to her food order. Harry on the other hand is extremely laid back, a complete womaniser (due to his failed marriage) who sleeps with women on the first date, dumps them and doesn't give a shit about what he says and how he says it. Throughout the film, there are short intervals about couples who have been together for years and the stories of how they met. Each of them are VERY different, but will be sure to make you "coo" at the end of each one. Check it out here.

I think every woman has an idea in their own heads of how they would want to be proposed. Some woman aren't even sure if they want marriage but like the idea of being proposed to and some woman would get married more than once whether that be renewing their vows or meeting someone else. The fact is, it doesn't matter how it happens, or how you met, what history you have - when the person you love and see spending the rest of your life with them proposes to you, you're going to say yes. You could experience love at first sight or have a very prolonged awakening of who it is you want to spend your life with - love is love. It is the strongest emotion you will ever experience and EVERYONE experiences it.

Look at me babbling soppy shit? I know. Here's some funny images that made me laugh hard on Valentines day:

You know I love to hear your stories, especially if you have ever been proposed to ladies. Fire away at me at the usual places on here, Facebook or Twitter.

I'm going to dedicate this song to my sister and future brother-in-law! Massive congratulations again to the beautiful couple! Here's Clean Bandit Featuring Jess Glynne with Rather Be. Love you guys xxx.

T. x

P.S. If you've never seen When Harry Met Sally before, this scene will be sure to have you out buying the DVD tomorrow.

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