Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Chapter 35: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from... Earth.

I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to talk about judging by this weeks title... spoken like a true... woman! Taken from the best seller, 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus', this book is a self help book, about how to get what you want out of a relationship. It's human nature that men will never understand women and women will never understand men... Oh, but that's not to say we don't try. After all, God loves a trier!

This is a subject that crops up day to day. Women complaining about men... "Liam keeps leaving the toilet seat up and it's pissing me off! I can't tell you how many times I've nagged him about it!" And men complaining about women, "I took her out for a romantic dinner to Nando's last night and did I get any when we got home? NO!". FYI guys, Nando's isn't romantic. I'm not sure if I can speak on behalf of EVERY woman on this planet, but romance doesn't cost very much - like, AT ALL. It's not about the fanciest restaurant you can take us or an expensive hotel for a weekend. I've always been partial to a romantic evening walk, or a picnic! Or best of all, a night in with a film and some treats! But then again, I'm a cheap date and easy to please! Truth is, the best ingredient to a relationship is spontaneity. Don't worry men, I'm not JUST talking to you when I say that - it's a two way street ladies and gents!

But enough about relationships in specific, let's go back to basics... meeting a person! Okay, now I'm gonna be honest and say I NEVER approach a man and tell them what I think because I'm pretty sure I'd either, A. Come out with something like, "Err, hi, errrr, you have a nice face and errr, you smell good. What are you wearing? Davidoff Hot Water?" or B. Just blush and walk away. So, that won't ever happen unless I've had a glass or two and I'm feeling confident enough. Moving on to men. First of all, cheesy lines are dated. Why on earth do they still exist? Here are a few examples of some lines I have had:
  1. Hi, what's your favourite dinosaur?
  2. Hey, you going to the top of the Empire State Building? Man you have beautiful eyes, will you marry me?
  3. Did you know I've been sky diving before? Yeah I zoomed in and out of Google Earth.
Some may argue that numbers 1 & 3 are not pick up lines, but believe me, THEY WERE. What ever happened to good old fashioned honesty? Just literally going up to a guy or a girl and saying, "Hi, my name is ******* and I find you attractive. Can I take you out sometime?". Let's face it, what do you have to lose?! I could take my own advice, but I don't take rejection very well haha! Not only this, but I'm quite old fashioned and am attracted to men who are chivalrous, which let's face it... it's dying a slow death. Growing up in school, I had more lad mates than girl mates and I was involved in a LOT of conversations concerning women and allllll their negative traits. Such as winging, complaining, being premenstrual, menstrual, post-menstrual (don't worry ladies, I fought our corner). As a woman, I would say we do hold a lot of the power. Ever heard of the term, 'Happy wife, happy life'? It's simple, if your woman is happy, you won't have a bad life! You know, that life that has all that winging, complaining, menstrual nonsense that can linger! 

Now I have had a little rant about men complaining about women, I will say this much for men: you say what you mean. Better yet, you don't always need to say it. You do what you mean also. If you're angry at a woman, you're angry. You say you want to watch Match of the Day, you watch Match of the Day and the best of all... you don't like the girl, you don't like a girl! This is probably the reason why I don't ever approach men, ha! Another best selling book that has helped women's understanding of this is called, 'He's Just not That Into You.' 
This was adapted into a film in 2009 - quite hilarious actually! I'd highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it. Some funny lines include, "I just need you to stop being nice to me unless you're going to marry me." And "Maybe he lost my hut number?". This has to be the funniest scene for me... Drew Barrymore's character, Mary, goes out on a date with a singer and is left with this answerphone message - gets me every time!

Now, I know the title of this weeks blog is unfair guys, but I am a woman after all... :). I have and understanding that both sexes will NEVER fully understand each other. It's almost like the art of agreeing to disagree. I do know one thing though, when it comes to any type of a relationship, whether this be platonic or romantic: know when to say sorry. It's okay to be in the wrong, it's never admitting it that's the problem!

Hope you have found this weeks blog as interesting as I wanted to convey it! Please let me know your thoughts in the usual places on here, Facebook or Twitter. I welcome all of your comments! :).

Many thanks,
T. x

P.S. For all the ladies reading this, as you know it was International Women's Day on Saturday the 8th March. I read this fantastic article from Dawn O'Porter (of whom I'm a massive fan) in last month's Glamour magazine. I just have to attach it for you all to read as I found it so inspirational and it has really made me want to do more as a woman! I'm sure you will all feel the same after reading it :).

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