Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chapter 48: Fever Pitch

So guys, the World Cup 2014 is approaching us! Starting on the 12th June to be precise. Anyone reading this and thinking, "Wow, Trish is about to talk about football. Who knew she knew shit about it?". Now, I’m not going to claim I know a thing about it, because I don’t. But it's a time to celebrate our Nationalities! A great time to come together and bond over something we may know soooo much about, or we know nothing about (cue me).

For someone like me, it's difficult. I am English born, but I have Irish blood. "Irish blood, English heart..." Sorry I had to break out into Morrissey there. Although I am Irish, when someone asks me who I follow, I merely say both Ireland and England (but they haven't qualified this year and we all know deep down, Ireland never do very well in the World Cup generally. Sorry Ireland). 

The World Cup is a time when people come together from all over, go to the pub together, watch whatever team it is they're supporting and drink to them either winning or losing. At work we have a countdown blackboard to how many days are left until the World Cup begins. 
Colleague: "Not long now guys! You all excited?!"
Colleague: "Really Trish?"
Me: "Yeah I'm excited to go to the pub on a summers days to watch the football my friends and I really aren't following."
We've also done the good ol' sweep stake at work. Who did I get stuck with? Australia - great. It's funny though, because people who genuinely aren't really into football (like at all) have got the teams who probably have the best chances of winning (Spain, Argentina, Brazil). 

I do like football, I actually support a team; the mighty Arsenal! Not only are they fantastic players, but they are a pretty bunch aren't they? Like... since forever really:

Freddie Ljungberg.

Dennis Bergkamp & Thierry Henry.

Aaron Ramsey.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Top one is my fave obvs. What? He's a fantastic player! AND he is a talented model of underwear:

Anyway, back to the World Cup!

There's been a lot of debate this year about it's location. This year it is being held in Brazil, a country widely known for it's poverty and high crime rates due to this. A lot of money has obviously been invested into this, so it makes us question what difference could be made to Brazil itself if all the money was put into overcoming the terrible issues Brazilians have had to face for many years... Such a beautiful country that many people visit as a holiday location year after year. Where all the footballers are posting their beautiful seaside/poolside views from their hotels on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and yet Brazilian citizens have not been able to appreciate their homeland for themselves because of the way they have had to survive and live. Makes you think really doesn't it? Maybe all the press surrounding it will open peoples eyes a little more to all the troubles that actually go on in that country? Hopefully important people who can make a difference. But, in the same breath, I'm sure Brazil are proud to have such a massive event in their country the way we were about the London 2012 Olympics.

Not only will this be an amazing excuse for the guys to talk important issues like "Who tackled who?" and "Why the F**K did the Ref call a red card?" It's a great excuse for us girls to talk about the amazing team spirit shown by none other than... the WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends). Let's hope the magazines will be filled with more of this, this year:

"Omg Chezza, Carly clearly doesn't understand its 'hand over mouth' pose when it comes to penalties. We push our cleavage together to distract the boys."

On that note, I want to wish all the teams good luck! However I know if we don't get through to the first round the whole country will be in a state of depression... another excuse to have a piss up though really isn't it?! If we can take anything from it though, it's the team spirit every country experiences with their family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers. Not just the teams we are watching on the screen.

On that note I will leave you with the official World Cup 2014 song by none other than Pitbull singing We Are One (Ole Ola).

COME ON ENGLAND (and Ireland)!!!!!!!!!

Team spirit!

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