Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Chapter 49: "I Couldn't Help But Wonder..."

Any woman reading the title of this and doesn't know where it is from... SHAME ON YOU. It is only the most used line in what is probably the most empowering programme for women, like, ever! Sex & The City. That's right, I'm going to bang on about how great this show is because I don't think enough blogs/essays/dissertations have been written about it... (I'm obviously joking).

I can't believe I'm about to do this, but for those of you who haven't watched it, I'm going to give you a brief synopsis:

It's about 4 single women in New York City.

God that was lengthy. 

I first discovered this show when I was 11. Yes, 11. Pretty young. I shared a room with my 13 year old sister and every Wednesday night we would sneakily put on SATC at 10pm and have it on a low volume so our parents couldn't hear. I remember being so shocked back then, especially by Samantha's character. I had to watch it because it was a topic of discussion for my sister and her friends every week at secondary school. I can just picture it now... "OMG, can you believe Big did that?!" I was very innocent back then, I couldn't get over how girls our age were getting into stuff like this? Mind you, back then the emergence of South Park hit the roof and my potty mouth was worse than ever. I got sent to the Head Teacher's office for calling a boy an asshole around that time. Little did the teachers know he called me a ginger bastard first. Little twat.

ANYWAY. We have 4 female characters all with very different personalities and sexual preferences... like most women and!

First we have Carrie Bradshaw: A sex columnist who basically writes about all of hers and her friends sexual encounters with men across the city and their struggles to find, "The One". She also, ALWAYS has sex in her bra, bar like ONE scene where you see her bare back. 

Miranda Hobbes: A strong minded, opinionated red head (sounds familiar) who's a Lawyer (not so familiar) and one of Carrie's best friends who struggles to find what exactly it is she wants, but enjoys trying to find out nonetheless.

Then we have Charlotte York: An Art Dealer who comes across as very prudish but is actually the token dark horse. Bottom line for Charlotte, she is after love in a big way. She wants the fairy tale shit (like most women do deep down but have grown too strong and independent to admit).

Finally, I had to leave the best 'til last, Samantha Jones: A PR genius and one of the most hilarious characters I have ever come across. She has the outer shell of a woman and the mind of a man. All and all, she gets about!

Now, every time SATC is brought up into conversation around a man, all they seem to do is roll their eyes. Have they ever given the show a chance? A lot of the time, no. I have only ever known a handful of men say they've watched the show and enjoy it, one of whom actually referred to my blog as SATC-esque which I found very flattering... until he followed with, "yeah it's a good toilet read." I laughed. Anyway, the reason why so little men have watched it, is probably because their other halves forced them to, but nevertheless, they enjoyed it. I have had to beg ex boyfriends to watch the show with me in the past which is unbelievable to me still... the show is called "SEX and the City", surely the first word is enough to make them watch it? The two responses I've ever got is:
  1. "Na I don't want to watch that horse/foot on my tele (Sarah Jessica Parker. Don't ask me why she is referred to as a 'foot').
  2. Will the brunette be in it much? She's the only fit one.
HARSH. To me they all portray different types of attraction. Yes Charlotte (Kristin Davis, the brunette) is instantly attractive, but her character actually pisses me off a lot because she tries to convey herself in a certain proper way, when really, she's as dirty as the rest of them. I've always thought Carrie (SJP) is gorgeous! I love her curly blonde hair, the fact she can run in heels and ALWAYS wears heels (which I think is wear my shoe obsession started) AND her flawless style. Girl could wear a McDonald's paper bag and still look good. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is the older of the bunch, yes, but by God... If I had a body like that at 40+ I'd be walking around in a bikini 24/7. And Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is quite androgynous, but she is so smart and has the best wit. Since when did men become so picky about what women they're looking at on TV? GIVE THE SHOW A CHANCE!

And no people. When I say watch Sex and the City, I don't mean the first and second movies. I mean the television series. This programme is a bible to women every where. Whether you are single, in a relationship, a married woman, a mother, you NEED this in your life. Whenever I think yo myself, "my God there are some knobs out there" - that's me referring to men - SATC always makes me feel better, because I then realise what me and every woman on this earth goes through, is all protocol. You know that saying, "you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming." Yeah, I fucking hate that saying too. But this show is a prime example of it. We all want to find our 'Mr. Big' at the end of the tunnel. Whether we are looking for love, not looking for love or don't know what exactly it is we are looking for... SATC has all the answers you will ever need to know. It is a bible if you will... And if you don't know who Mr. Big is, this is him:

The man speaks truth...

If you haven't watched SATC, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Box Set's are available at a decent prices now. Here are some snipets to reel you in if this blog hasn't done it.

On that note, I'll leave you with Cheryl Lynn - To Be Real.

SATC Love.

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