Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Chapter 55: "If You Sat Her by The Fire, She'd Melt."

Before Danii Minogue used to be an X Factor presenter and there was so much hype around her, I watched her perform one day at some festival on TV during dinner time. Dinner times in our household was a time where we all sat down and had a proper catch up about things that had happened in our days, and just general chit chat about daily occurrences. The tele is usually on as background noise whilst this happens and I turned to look at Danii. I'm pretty sure I mentioned how lovely looking she was. My Dad's response? "Patricia, if you sat her by the fire, she'd melt." Me being the innocent 15 year old I was, I responded, "What do you mean?" "Patricia, she's plastic darlin', how can you not tell?" From then on I have had a keen eye for people that have had work, even if it is miniscule. However, I still think Danii Minogue is gorgeous, even though I've always preferred Kylie (again, another one who's had work done - only a brief encounter with botox though which I myself, have never ruled out).

It one of them topics that is always brought up, whether it be at home watching the tele with your family or with your mates looking through magazines or browsing the internet. Sometimes people look better for it, a lot of the time they don't. It's a shame we go to such measures to try to enhance our looks and for what? Because we can't grow old gracefully? Because we are doing it for our own personal well being? Because you (I) want to get rid of that permanent frown mark that's even there when you smile? Yeah I have hang ups about little wrinkles on my face, all little things that would be nice if they weren't there. But there are bigger problems in the world and I figure, they make me who I am... characteristics that people recognise in me................. But if I had as much money as celebs, I'd probably not know what to do with it either and get a cheeky bit of botox on my frown ha. That's the problem you see, all these celebs don't have a clue what to use their money on. So they buy 50 gazillions cars and park them on their drives for show (and for MTV Cribs), have plastic surgery, and use drugs. Unfortunate when they turn to the latter, but sadly enough that is the case with large percentage of people in high statuses.

Here are a few celebs you may or may not know have had plastic surgery over the years:

Some of these, I just don't get. Like Megan Fox for example, why girl, why?! She's still beaut don't get me wrong but... FAR too young to even consider having such work done. Jackie Stallone, you will FOREVER be my favourite. Anyone remember her in the 3rd Celeb Big Brother? This should jog your memories... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1yKf_FlmEs&hd=1. On going joke between me and my sister to this day! "YEAH, JACKIE!" Wish I was as cool as her... LOL.

Anyway, I thought pictures sufficed this blog entry this week. But tell me what your thoughts are on plastic surgery and whether you would ever consider having work done. Maybe you already have but maybe regret it? Maybe you plan to have it after trying other natural methods? If you have natural methods like the SBC collagen serum I'm trying, what are these? Contact on the back of here, inbox me on Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

In the mean time... I'm thinking these celebs need to take a leaf out of Biggie Smalls & Diddy's book and take a listen to this.

Big love.

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