Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Chapter 59: When Should I Stop???

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well :). Sorry I never wrote last week, I was on my jollies in sunny Angelesey, Wales. Let me tell you know, the pictures I researched beforehand was exactly the way it was in real life. Beautiful seaside and it was such a quaint little town we stayed in. Fish & chippy and an ice cream shop right at our doorstep... just can't go wrong really can you?!

Most of our days consisted of drinking and relaxing. Now I know what you're thinking, what a hard life I must lead. But I'll tell you something, I NEEDED it! There was a fantastic fish restaurant called the Oystercatcher. It was out of this world! If you love fish, you'll love this. My Dad and Brother-in-Law had the classic Fish & Chips, whilst my sister had the Salmon with Moroccan Vegetables & Cous Cous and I had an All Fish Thai Curry - actually one of the best meals I've had in ages. So good, I went back for seconds a couple of days later:

So like I said, when you're on holidays you tend to relax. I did a bit TOO much one day. The jist of it goes, I didn't eat that day, but I drank - a lot. So much that I went to bed at 8pm and woke up the next morning at 8am. I felt a lot shame to say the least, most of all because I couldn't remember much of the events that occurred. I woke up and apologised to my family for my behaviour and of course they were sympathetic because I hadn't really ate - funny story to tell in the future I'm sure.

The point I want to make is, when do we know when to stop? I'll put my hands up and say that I have went out on nights out to get severely drunk:
  1. Because I don't like where we are going on the night out.
  2. Probably because I'm not very comfortable with the people I'm with AKA people I don't know.
  3. It's the only way I can dance.
I have had a few incidences in the past where I have fallen out with friends over nights out where I have been too drunk or someone else has been too drunk. But we can't tell others to stop and we certainly can't tell ourselves when we have had one too many. If we have the control to lose weight and put down the pies, why don't we have the control to put down the drink? Granted you can say drink creates chemicals in the brain that makes you want more, but again, you can say that about chocolate.

The thing is, we can say every week, "I'm never going to drink again." But that's like me saying, "I'm never going to be in a mood again." If you know me well, you know I'm moody 95% of the time. It's completely unrealistic for me NOT to be moody. The same goes for me saying I will never eat chocolate again - COMPLETELY unrealistic. One thing's for sure though, I'll never end up like this:

I'd love to know your drunken stories. Sharing is caring people and there's no need to be shy... after all, this is the 21st Century and we live in a drunken culture. Just contact me on the back of here, Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

Here's a song that was prominent to me in Uni - the start of the drinking days: Asher Roth - I Love College.


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