Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Chapter 63: Define Me! Define Me!

It seems all people do these days is share pictures with a caption or funny video. I should know, I'm one of them! But I love it. As you all know I love Instagram. It provides minimal effort of words and a picture can instantly cheer a person up! However, I have recently got into Pinterest. I have had the app for a few years, but only really got into it when I was in bed one night and I couldn't sleep. So I got bored and explored it, and before I knew it, I had about 7 boards.

7 boards is NOTHING in comparison to some of the pages of have seen. Basically, it's a great site to collate ideas for things such as interior design, cooking, beauty, art and even wedding plans! You can choose to have your profile private or not, but many celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and even Kim Kardashian shared her wedding Pinterest board for the whole world to see!

For me pictures and videos can instantly change my mood. This could be anything though. I mean it can be a fashion photo (which would then prompt me to internet shop), someone sharing a movie photo with a caption (which would then prompt me to watch that film later) or it could be a comedian talking about something I can totally relate to. I came across a Kevin Hart comedy sketch last week and I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed so much I shared it on Facebook and watched it about 3 more times: Kevin Hart on cursing.

If you recognise my title, it's from an episode of Friends. The episode where Phoebe goes out with a Psychiatrist and he instantly defines everyone based on the things they say and do say. Like the way Chandler uses humour as a defence mechanism to mask his troubled childhood and insecurities. I feel like this is how people define themselves today though; social networking, texting, emails. It's not that people are scared to express themselves outright to people, but sometimes using pictures and videos is the best way we can. Like for instance, me writing this weekly Blog. To be honest I didn't think I would be able to keep this up for as long as I have. Quite a lot of people know I do this, but a lot of people don't really expect it of me either. Many people are shocked when I tell them, but in truth, I find this one of the best ways to express myself.

Here are a few pictures I've loved this week that best describe me:

So tell me, what best defines you in a picture? Let me know on the back of here, visit my Facebook page or Tweet me @triciabaxter.

The Who - Who Are You?

Massive Loves.

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