Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Chapter 78: To Make You Feel Better.

Hello you beautiful people! Hope you have all had a fabulous week! I have had quite an interesting week myself... from getting lectured by a Police Officer to being told to read a certain book for the third time by a different person... Let me explain... I was checking my phone the other day next to a Police Officer when all of a sudden:

Police Officer: How many hours a day are you on that phone?
Me: (Giggles).
Police Officer: (Looking stern).
Me: Erm, I'm not sure
Police Officer: That in itself is a silly response... How many hours?
(Meanwhile two other Police Officers are behind, staring).
Me: I don't know, maybe 3 hours?
Police Officer: And what are you going to tell your grandchildren what you did with your life?
Me: Used my phone?
Police Officer: (Walks past me) See ya later, mate.

After which all I could think was, "Did that really just happen?" Later I discovered it was a news story about the consumption of phones on a daily basis. Luckily a news reporter admitted to using hers 4 hours in the day so I felt a bit better for that... But also, why didn't I come up with a better response? I could have said I was checking work emails? Or I could have asked whether it was illegal to use phones now? But I didn't want to be cheeky... I'm a law abiding citizen! Not the Gerard Butler kind, but you get my drift. Hindsight's a funny thing... Shoulda, woulda, coulda and all that jazz! It left me feeling a bit deflated nonetheless. Like I don't already think about my future enough as it is, but now I have a stranger asking me what I'm going to tell my grandchildren what I did with my life when I grow up?! In my mind... My grandchildren will probably think I was dull using my phone because they will be travelling on hoverboards to get to the corner shop.

Then... I met someone on Saturday night. All very random, and I sound so cheesy for even saying this, but I truly believe I was meant to bump into this person. It was like I had known them for a while and I had a great conversation with them. I won't go into the content of it, but all and all, they made me feel so much better!

Today's blog is going to be short and sweet and hopefully quite useful... I'm going to be discussing a few things you can do to lift your mood and just generally, make you feel better in yourself! So, here goes:

  1. Take vitamins. I have started taking "Wellwoman" vitamins since last week as I was still feeling fatigued from the glandular fever and I have already noticed a difference. I can get up easier, I'm less tired than I was and I just feel, well, good!
  2. Sing - doesn't matter how rubbish you are, sometimes that makes you smile more!
  3. Exercise. I have got back into running (finally) and feel so much better for it. Try to do some exercise at least 3 times a week and you will notice a difference yourself.
  4. Watch something feel good! I started New Girl last week and I swear Zoe Deschanel's attitude on life is contagious!
  5. Have some family time. Surround yourself with the people you love the most!
  6. Do something you enjoy! I have enquired about getting back into something I love and I'm quite excited for it!
  7. Make plans - always have something to look forward to!
  8. Write - if you're not a vocal person it's good to get all of them feelings and pent up emotions down on to paper. It could be a journal or even a great creation; a short story, a script... you never know what could come of it. I often think of things I think would be cool on screen and write them down. You'll be surprised at how good a accomplished you feel after.
  9. Read. If you don't want to escape via Netflix... escape in a book. Get lost in it and look forward to reading the next chapter.
  10. Download Dubsmash and laugh your ass off. They say laughter is the best medicine... When I first got it, my sister's and I were a bit addicted and sent each other loads! So just for you guys... Here's my own compilation for you to laugh at. Key word being "AT".

Hope you all enjoyed that ;). What makes you feel better? Let me know on the back of here, contact me on Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

For now, I'll leave you with this TUNE:

Have a great week guys!
Big love.
T. x

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