Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Chapter 89: Don't Settle

I mean it, don't. Why on earth should you settle for something you're not truly happy with? Do you not deserve more than that? Do you not think you are worth more than that? Get out of that fucking mindset... pronto. This accounts for everything; friendships, relationships, the service you receive in shops, buying something as a second choice because you couldn't find the perfect thing you were after - such as life. I bought a pair of shoes a few months back from Kurt Geiger and I wore them for the first time the other night, looked after them with so much care and they got damaged through no fault of my own. I complained the next day straight away and they said they can't do anything about it. Have I settled? No. I was in a car accident the other week and my car got written off. I've had so much bother with my insurers, did I settle? No. I said, "Can you pass me on to someone who knows what they fuck they're talking about please?" What? I said please...

I have always said, nothing is perfect and I mean nothing. People who are searching for that 10/10 significant other - they don't exist. 10/10 implies perfection and nothing in this world is perfect. Something can seem perfect to someone with regards to what they want personally, but generally nothing is. However, it is important to strive for what you want in life. You want to get into a certain career? Do it. You want to get fit and lose weight? Do it. It literally is that simple. Yes there are risks, but it's got to be worth it surely? If not for anything but for your own happiness, am I right?

When you hear people say what they want in life, such as more money, a bigger house, a better job, they don't tend to think about what that actually brings once they have it? Happiness. Doesn't everyone ultimately want that? Yes it can be a long and bumpy journey, but again... it's got to be so worth it...

I think we have all been in a certain situation at some point in our lives where we feel like we are plodding along and that there is way more to life than feeling like it's groundhog day over and over again and you ask yourself, "Shit me, there HAS to be more to life than this." I have come out of relationships in the past not feeling like I was good enough for anyone; looking around at other couples thinking "I want what they have." But the fact of the matter is, the grass isn't always greener and you are a catch - start to love yourself and love will find you the way you want it eventually.

I like to think I have always been strong minded, but things have happened along the way to make me feel weak. However I think this for a split second and then I knock myself out of it. My Mom once said to me (regarding a certain situation I was in at the time), "You don't take this shit from anyone normally, why are you taking it now?" I answered the question, but by God it was pathetic and it wasn't me, because I was settling.

Settling can mean you are not only settling with something, but you are also going against all morals you ever had and anything you ever believed in. Basically, you not being your true self. Look at Good Will Hunting; Matt Damon played an absolute genius but was willing to settle for being a janitor in a College. He met the love of his life but convinced himself he didn't need them sort of emotions in his life. That was of course until Robin Williams gives him a good pep talk:

Convince yourself that you are worth more than you give yourself credit for. 

Have a great week guys and remember - be everything you want to be.
Big love,

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