Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Chapter 98: Trust The Timing Of Your Life

Please remember, everything happens for a reason. That job you didn't get that you were gunning for. That relationship you wanted so desperately to work but it didn't. That top you wanted but they had no more left in your size.
It's very easy to think negatively about the things you wanted so bad but it never happened for you. But remember that every opportunity that you hoped would happen and it never did, comes something else that you never expected and you know what? It's always so much better than you ever imagined. With every job you applied for and never got, a different opportunity will arise. With every relationship you wanted to work with what you thought was that special someone, someone else walks into your life and you can't picture your life without them. And with every top you wanted and you couldn't find your size, just think... you were not meant to buy that top. You were meant to save that money for something else more necessary to you. The money you would have spent on that top was meant to be spent on a train ticket to get you home when you were stranded in an unknown place.

I have wrote about timing before in previous blogs, and I always say that everything happens for a reason. The saying is so cliché, that it even pisses me off as I say it... but I truly believe it. My friend always says, "What is meant for you won't pass you by." Again, a very true saying. If you were supposed to get that job you would have got it. You probably didn't get it because someone else had more experience than you, or maybe you had too much experience but not enough qualifications.

A couple of years ago, I almost moved to New York. I umm'd and ahh'd about it for ages, but I never went. I weighed up the pros and cons and at that time... it was't right for me. I then got a promotion at work and that was my 'meant to be' situation. I wasn't meant to go to New York at that time, because something good was coming my way. Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to live in New York - it's my favourite place in the world, but it just wasn't meant to be because the timing was wrong.

Since being single, I have been out on a few dates. Some have gone better than others. The others being completely disastrous. However, it is all experience. I don't get disheartened over it because I know my worth and the dates that haven't gone well, were not meant to. As Blair Woldorf would say:

The same goes for every job interview I had when I was unemployed. You take one beating after another and you analyse where the interview went wrong. What did you say to make the employer think you were not good enough for the role? Such as life. You can go through things over and over, but you won't get an answer. You just have to trust your gut and know that something better is coming your way. It may not be soon, it may be in a couple of months or even years... But in the meantime, try to keep positive and always improve yourself and not for anyone else, but for you. Don't sit around waiting for something to happen for you. Keep busy, do the things you enjoy, keep active, always keep learning and especially from your mistakes. But most importantly, ALWAYS... do you.
Have a great week guys and remember, what doesn't happen for you today will happen in a better form in time to come.

Big love.

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