Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Chapter 83: Show Yourself!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a terrible liar. I just can't do it. I think it' my Catholic guilt, I'm too much of a good samaritan!... Now... My point for this week's blog is questioning why someone would lie to you... If it's for the protection of the person involved and you know and love them, I get that. However, if it's to someone you're getting to know... what is the point? You can't start a friendship or a relationship built on lies and no matter what... the truth always catches up with you. Is it to look more impressive to the person? Or are you leading a double life? Are you ashamed of your real life or are you simply hiding behind a mask. A mask that will eventually reveal the true you and what you're really worried about... is revealing who you really are.

I think I have wrote a blog on lying before, but the reason I am exploring this again is because of this: I met someone recently and they lied through their teeth to me. I won't delve into the ins and outs of it, but safe to say, it left me quite shocked. If that person is reading this now, I'm afraid to say... You've been caught out. What I want to explore and uncover, is why there is a need to do this. To impress someone? To protect yourself? To not lose face? Safe to say  I'm glad I found out what  I did now, rather than fall hook, line and sinker and find out later down the line. I think the one thing that bothers me is that there is no remorse there? I said earlier I have Catholic guilt. I find it difficult to lie because it is written all over my face. White lies... okay we have all been guilty of that. But massive lies... Just a no go area for me.

Typical white lies include:
  • My dog ate my homework.
  • Your hair looks nice.
  • I'll tidy my room tomorrow.
  • This perfume is Dior.
  • I got it from America.
  • I got it from Australia.
  • I got it from anywhere out of your reach.
  • This is my natural hair colour.
  • I will do the garden at the weekend.
  • I shave my legs every day.
  • I wash my hair every day.
  • I brush my teeth three times a day.
  • I need to work out tomorrow.
  • I need to start my diet tomorrow.
  • Your ass doesn't look big in them jeans.
The list goes on. Point is, we all lie and not one of you reading this can tell me you don't. You can be like me and find it difficult however. What I don't understand is how a person can tell a massive lie and more to the point, carry it on? I personally think anyone who can do this can be a professional actor, but essentially that is what it is - a big act.

On top of this... I just like to know the truth. And I would rather know it sooner rather than further down the line. Knowing later means the subject you were once bothered about isn't actually an issue anymore.

A massive lie to tell... cheating. If you are not feeling the relationship you are in and feel like you have a wondering eye, then my personal opinion, is that you shouldn't be in a relationship. If you develop feelings for someone else and want to be with them,  then you should be with them - but not at the cost of hurting others. I get that relationships can break down over time, but being with two/multiple people at one time is not the answer and I don't think it is possible to be in love with more than one person. Not for me anyway... Although I know that this is actually a part of some peoples cultures/beliefs. It's also another thing to be bigging up the person you're with, telling them how great they are when it's obvious you have a wandering eye or the things you apparently have in common, are in fact non-existent in the long run.

Another massive lie to tell... Lies that involve money, lying in jobs or leading separate lives! No matter what though, they always get found out. So is there a point in lying if the truth eventually comes out?

What are your thoughts on lying? Do you condone it? Do you disagree with it? Let me know on the back of here, message me on Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

Have a great week and Bank Holiday guys!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chapter 82: 10 Things You Should Give Zero F**ks About.

So the title is pretty self explanatory again folks - this week I'm discussing what you really shouldn't give a fuck about.

WARNING: This blog contains a lot of "fucks".

10 things - here goes:
  1. When someone asks what type of music you're into and you respond with an answer they don't like. How about you go and do one mate? If you're so musical like you say you are, then you would appreciate the fact I like both The Human League and The Rolling Stones... Okay?!
  2. When you introduce someone to your favourite film and all they do is talk shite throughout. It's okay dude, you're only missing out on one of the best films you will ever see or be introduced to and your next girlfriend will probably make you watch Legally Blonde (yeah that was aimed at all my exes).  Nevertheless, zero... fucks... given.
  3. When people talk behind your back - don't give a hoot people, feel flattered. You're clearly very interesting or the people talking about you are bored as fuck.
  4. If you get a make-up stain on your favourite white dress/top/shirt on a night out. It's dark, everyone is drunk and NO ONE will notice or... give a fuck.
  5. Back in school when you got into trouble a lot - those are the stories that are the best and you can look back and say, "yeah, I was pretty bad ass in school - I gave zero fucks."
  6. When you make a fool out of yourself in front of a lad/girl on a drunken night out - you're drunk. YOLO.
  7. Showing your cleavage. Ladies, if you've got it, flaunt it. 
  8. Wearing a bikini/swimming trunks. All of us worry about our figures and our weight before we go on holiday, but when we are all there, none of us give... a fuck. So note to self - don't give a fuck.
  9. When you have more than one drink... on a school night. This does NOT make you an alcoholic - this makes you a badass.
  10. Lastly you should give zero fucks about how jealous people are that you are pretty fucking great.

What's to learn from this? Don't take life too seriously... Work is work, your body is yours to worry about and no one else's. You might have got teased about your ginger hair when you were younger, but let's face it... Game of Thrones is shit all without the amount of redheads in it.

So please... go forth and give zero fucks!

Big love.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Chapter 81: The Holiday Of A Lifetime!

Hello Ladies & Gents!

Hope you are all well and have had a good couple of weeks! Apologies I haven't been consistent with the blogs, I have recently taken up acting again and I have been away for 10 days on what I would describe as the best holiday I've been on! My Dad booked for myself, my Sister and my Brother-in-Law to go away to Arizona for 7 days and Las Vegas for 3 days. The journey started at London Heathrow and we flew into Dallas to get a connecting flight to Tucson. I personally find Airports quite stressful, as I'm sure most people do. However... going on 5 planes in 10 days was SO worth it. We stayed at The White Stallion Ranch in Tucson. This was an amazing location with the most scenic views I've ever come across. Our building looked out over the desert and the stables:

We began the holiday by having a nice chilled Sunday. This is the one day the Wranglers have off, so it gave us a great opportunity to explore and relax around the pool. On the evenings, we were served the most amazing all inclusive meals... I couldn't fault anything and I hoovered my plate every night, along with a dessert (and anyone else's who wasn't finishing theirs). This was also the time of the evening we would book for horse rides the next day; our first one was a slow breakfast ride (a slow ride to a destination in the desert where pancakes, baked sweet potatoes, and scrambled eggs with sausages were served along with orange juice and coffee - lush! Now... I had never ridden a horse before... so naturally I was quite nervous. All I kept thinking about was City Slickers when that dude knocks into a cactus and he thinks a rattle snake has bit him in the ass (that would blates be me). Luckily this never happened! We were assigned a horse for the week and I had this guy:

Dusty! He was gorgeous! They say the horses match the owners... When Dusty was brought out he was literally dragged out by the Wrangler... My Bro-in-Law said "Yeah... that's your Sister's horse." I'll be the first to admit I'm stubborn, but he took the piss out of me a bit! I would kick him to move and he would just stay there! Ha! In the end I was given a crop (a sort of soft whip if you will). It doesn't harm the horse, it was just an extension of my leg as he wasn't responding to me. When I used that he went flying! We took our Fast Test on day 3 and passed with flying colours! This allowed us to go on fast rides and it was honestly amazing - by far my favourite experience of the holiday! Even though we would get up early and go to bed early, the ranch was a proper relaxing part of the entire trip. On top of this, the weather was absolutely amazing! In the 30's most days but not so hot that it was uncomfortable. We had to wear cowboy hats and long, light shirts in the desert (especially me and my Sis otherwise we would have ended up as one massive freckle).

I would recommend this destination to anyone! You have the option to be really active or to just completely sloth and relax. Amazing food, entertainment every night (such as camp fire singing and line dancing), brilliant staff and service and the most perfect weather - you just can't go wrong! http://www.whitestallion.com/ 

After our 7 days here, we then got a plane from Phoenix to Las Vegas which took a whopping 45 minutes. By the time we were up and relaxed it was ready to hit the hustle and bustle again. When we landed... I loved it. Now I work in gaming and I used to test games, so you'd think I would f**king despise the idea of gambling... But I was like a fat kid in a sweet shop when I arrived. I'm a city gal, so I love the busy atmosphere that comes with it. I love New York as you all know and Vegas wasn't too far off there in my opinion. We stayed in the Aria hotel, which is a fairly new hotel. Now most of the hotels in Vegas have a theme... The Venetian is like Venice:

And the Luxor is like Egypt:

The Aria didn't have a theme in particular, but by God was it plush!

I felt like a feckin' movie star! First thing we did was explore the strip. We went to New York New York where we went on the roller coaster on top of the hotel:

I bruised my shoulders... but it was worth it! We went to the Excalibur for lunch the next day in a place called "Dicks"... And it was exactly that - full of dicks! They basically prided themselves on being rude and obnoxious - it was hilarious! My Bro-in-Law was looking at a map to see where to go shopping... This waiter directed him to where we wanted to go with a marker pen... He didn't draw an arrow though -  he drew a massive penis. It was a memorable lunch to say the least! Lol! A lot of Vegas was about exploring the different amazing hotels and shopping like we were feckin' Paris Hilton. Maybe that was just me and my Sister but... yeah it was awesome! And let's not forget the gambling... My usual game is Blackjack, however... My sister and I lost $100 in 5 minutes. So I changed my game to Roulette. I didn't win... But I also didn't mind losing in Vegas! If you go to Vegas though... You just  CAN'T miss the fountains at the Bellagio hotel (by far my favourite hotel). They go off every 15 minutes to a different song and it was just breathtaking:

I can't brag about this experience enough... And after this holiday I feel so refreshed! 

I will leave you all with the song of the holiday...

This tune was played by an AMAZING acoustic guitar player and singer in Arizona and by a Mariachi band in Vegas.

P.S. My Sister and I will be doing Race for Life again this year for our angel, Mammy. Please give all you can to this worthy cause! https://www.justgiving.com/patriciabaxter

Have a great week guys!
Big love,